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D&R Products is an expert contract manufacturer of medical devices offering exceptional in-house manufacturing from bar stock to finished device. Driven by quality and service, we create collaborative partnerships with OEMs and their engineers. With over 80 years of continuous American manufacturing, 38 years focused on contract manufacturing for medical devices, D&R has the experience and know-how to get your job done right.

Eliminate delays and worries.
Use the reliable experts the top OEMs trust.

There is a reason 6 of the 7 top companies have trusted D&R with their medical device projects. We will be an extension of your facility as a reliable and known local medical device outsourcing partner. Outsource your difficult challenges and problems to our expert technicians while reducing cost and risk. We welcome jobs that range from small lots to millions of pieces, all produced at the highest quality standards. In fact the medical device community has rewarded D&R by making us a sole source supplier on over 75% of our products. 

Turnkey in-house production, that insures quality.

D&R keeps key processes in house, under our roof, and under our control. This is essential to produce uncompromising, high quality medical device outsourcing. We are ISO 13485-2016 certified so that guarantees a robust quality system requiring stringent control over our suppliers of raw materials and ensures meticulous contract manufacturing practices with complete traceability of products through the practice of controlled and detailed documentation.

A flexible and personalized approach
that drives innovation.

Leverage our years of expertise in utilizing the latest fabrication technologies to find solutions for complex components at competitive prices. Our focus is to deliver personalized end to end solutions for each customer. D&R are experts in advising you in design manufacturability which enables us to produce your product at the best price. We excel at creating proprietary techniques in order to deliver the exact solutions you need. In addition, D&R specializes in high precision metal manufacturing including exotic materials like nitinol.



quality contract manufacturing

From complex components to finished devices we build quality into each stage of the manufacturing process so every piece will be certified and compliant. Our technicians are held to the most stringent clinical, regulatory and quality requirements. We earned our first ISO cert 20 years ago and we have held it successfully ever since. Read more about our Quality Standards >

engineering for medical devices

Whether you have an existing product or a new idea, at D&R you always work with the executive team and engineers – no middle management. You have direct access to our knowledgeable engineers as they merge technology, feasibility and cost into your project plan. They create a custom process, workflow, and documentation scheme unique to your requirements.

Read more about our Engineering Capabilities > 

wire edm machining
CNC Machining

D&R has full CNC machining capabilities for your every need from Swiss Turning to Wire EDM.​ In addition D&R has extensive robotic feeding capabilities on 4 Rollamatic grinders and has Lights Out manufacturing on Turning and EDM.

Read more about our CNC Machining >

secondary operations
Secondary Operations

D&R meets all product specifications for burr free requirements and surface finish through secondary operations. We specialize in 10X deburring, buffing, polishing, and 3 types of tumbling operations. Most medical devices require either an electropolish finish or passivated finish and D&R offers both services. We also offer a full range of laser marking services.

Read more about all our Secondary Operations >

clean rooms
Clean Rooms

D&R can offer you clean room services in 3 distinct ways.


1. ISO Class 7. We will assemble and package implants to go to sterilization.


2. ISO Class 8. Ideal for assemblies requiring less stringent standards.


3, Controlled environment with
ISO Class 8 standards.
We can provide a supervised environment that meets the standards for Class 8 but doesn’t require you to monitor the clean rooms.

Read more about our Clean Rooms >

exotic materials in contract manufacturing
Exotic Materials

From titanium to nitinol to manufactured plastics such as PEAK and Radel, we are experts in handling and manufacturing exotic materials. D&R is always excited to take on the challenges of working with new and difficult elements. For example we have developed proprietary custom methods for turning, grinding, milling and EDMing nitinol through years of experimentation and study.

Read more about Exotic Materials >

welding medical device manufacturing

D&R has extensive knowledge and years of experience performing many types of welds. we offer three types of welding: laser welding, palm arc welding and resistance welding. D&R does precision welds and have done millions of welds successfully. We specialize in welding stainless steels to meet the most demanding torque and pull specifications.  Read more about our Welding Services >


  • Custom Products to Your Specifications

  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices

  • Arthroscopic Shaver Blades/Burrs

  • RF Electrodes

  • Soft Tissue Refixation Implants

  • Specialty Needles, Cannulas, and Trocars


D&R Products is top medical device contract manufacturing company located in Hudson Massachusetts. We have a 43,000 square foot facility that is dedicated to being a turnkey partner for medical device OEMs and their engineers. Let us be your local medical device outsourcing partner and you can look forward to the quality results. 

D&R medical part experts




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Quality. D&R keeps key processes in house, under our roof, and under our control.

This results in a streamlined process, reduces throughput time, reduces shipping costs, insures traceability all the way back to the original bar stock. And all of this is actively and meticulously controlled by D&R's ISO certified quality system. 


The goal of medical device outsource manufacturing is to understand your business. We make sure to understand the type of product, the surgical procedure, and the application you will be using. Our highly skilled engineers research the competitive landscape and bring a full understanding of the marketplace to what you are doing as well as an expert understanding of the technical needs you have. D&R will work from your DFMEA to develop its PFMEA to ensure the high reliability and safety of every device that is manufactured at D&R. 


We make absolutely sure what we produce for you will fill all of your needs. Our depth of knowledge in the medical device industry and a comprehensive, hands-on approach results in a high quality product, delivered on time and within budget.

There is a reason 6 of the 7 top companies have trusted D&R with their medical device projects.

See for yourself – visit D&R. 




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